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  • We are trying to create a corporate structure that will enable making transactions in a safe, fast and correct conditions within the framework of the laws, which are stick to equal values, and beneficial to our society.

    * We strive to be a respected company in the national and international market with values that are created with entrepreneurial spirit and courage, closely following scientific and technological developments.

    We provide our customers with the necessary information and clarifications about the sector in a timely, accurate, complete, understandable and equal manner.

    We are committed to making the necessary policy and social reforms to keep the quality of service at the maximum level.

    We value humanity, support sharing, perceive all kinds of differences as wealth, and reject discrimination.

    We ensure a safe and happy working environment for employees by keeping occupational health and safety at the forefront.

    We value dynamic innovations and developments and make investment in research and development.

    We strive to bring material and spiritual value to the society with the sense of social responsibility.

    By protecting natural resources and providing waste management, we protect and develop the environment, prevent environmental pollution, and use natural resources efficiently. We ensure that employees are aware of this issue.

    We are aware that the basic principle of success is to work in an honest, disciplined and planned manner and we serve according to these values.

    We have a structure that attaches importance to education, gives opportunity to occupational training and development, rewards success, contributes to personal development of our employees and increases their motivation.

    In all of our activities, we comply with the provisions of the environment, occupational health and safety, customer satisfaction and international quality management system standards, the requirements of organizations with which it is a member, all relevant legal regulations, and we continuously improve the efficiency and performance of all these management systems.

    We continuously monitor and improve our service performance.

    We are aware that Transmetro is a reputable, stable, honest and trustworthy institution with a long history, and we act accordingly.

    -We try to be the best in each activity area and we do not

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