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Every customer is special to us. Satisfaction level is important to us. The purpose of customer relationship management is to improve our relationship with our customers, to understand customer demands correctly, to respond to their requests in a complete and correct way, and to minimize errors in the business process. All services are carried out by experienced staff and professional staff.

Developing long-term business relations with our customers and keeping the level of satisfaction high is one of our core policies. We comply with all legal regulations and keep customer interests at the highest level.

The information provided by the customers in the business process gives us better recognition and better understanding. What we know about our customers increases our service quality and speed and performance level. The risk is minimized. This allows our customers in different sectors to have better competitive conditions.

Transmetro personnel fulfill their tasks by closely following the business processes of our customers and adhering to their privacy and our principles.

All of our customers’ requests, suggestions, and criticisms are recorded through the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application and modules. These records are used to improve our business process, to increase customer satisfaction, to avoid mistakes and to solve problems quickly. All results are shared with the customer when it is requested.

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