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We are aware that the most important element in reaching our goals is educated and happy employees who are open to innovations and developments. As Transmetro, we choose human resources that we need from the people who can adopt and develop the values of the company and who can develop them, with equal opportunity principle, regardless of their color, religion or race. Transparent performance management, equal pay for equal work, career planning and on-the-job training are all part of our understanding of human resources.

• We give priority to human resources that will provide competitive advantage and is constantly improving and sharing information.

• We want all employees to have common values.

• We are aware that we can reach our targets with happy employees.

• We monitor fairness and equal opportunity among our employees.

• We evaluate and encourage success and high performance.

• We follow developments in HR management and assess them in line with our needs.

• We strive to develop sustainability in our employees to meet today’s needs in a way that does not diminish the resources of future generations.

We manage the selection and procurement of correct candidates in the correct position. Being result-oriented, information-gathering, self-confident and open to change and having capacity to take initiatives and analytical thinking, customer-focused working understanding, and be team leader are important criteria.

In order to improve the quality of our employees, and to let them keep a close watch on developments in the profession and industry, we are implementing training and development practices in Transmetro. We give trainings on various topics such as personal development, technical knowledge and skills, management skills, finance, law, customer behavior analysis.

We use promotion systems based on the needs of our companies and the career development of employees. With these systems, we align our employees’ individual goals with the future goals of our companies and we aim to develop their existing competencies and to give them new competencies for the positions they can undertake in the future.

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