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Deniz Gümrükleme
Deniz Gümrükleme

28 years of knowledge and experience...

Transmetro Gümrük Müşavirliği which is active in the area of customs clearance, established in 1991. Transmetro, which carries out import and export customs clearance transactions in all sea, air and land customs throughout Turkey,  also expands the solution partnership items in the manufacturing and foreign trade sectors of the companies that it works with and provides consultancy services for the applications to be made on behalf of its customers to obtain the required permission documents before the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Customs and Trade, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Ministry of Health and DTS Group Presidencies, Turkish Standards Institute, Energy Market Regulatory Authority, TRT Authority, Exporters’ Unions and Chambers of Industry.

Transmetro has completed the process of technological restructuring brought by the era and has provided to its customers the interactive customs transactions by structuring all transactions about the foreign trade, logistic and customs in electronic environment and by providing 24-hour uninterrupted interactive customs systems which is established through the online connection with government agencies which are interested in both foreign trade and customs. It show how the customer satisfaction is important for Transmetro Gümrükleme to let you know immediately the HS CODES from current transactions, issuance of free movement certificate and the registration number of the current transaction.

These principles that constitute the basic structure of our company policy reflect the pride of Transmetro in its position in the sector.

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