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It is essential to have honesty and trueness in customer relations and services processes. We run all of our business on the basis of these principles.


We take care to preserve all the information, trade secrets, financial information of the public institutions and organizations that we work with. Information on employee personal rights is also protected by our confidentiality agreements.

3-Legal Responsibilities

We carry out all our activities within the framework of Turkish law and international legal rules and we act with this sense of responsibility.

4-Responsibilities against customers

We produce suitable solutions that are focused on customer satisfaction and we respond to the demands and needs of our customers as soon as possible. We provide current legislative information on a sectoral basis.

5-Responsibilities against providers

We act fairly and respectfully towards our suppliers and we make every effort to fulfill our responsibilities.

6-Responsibilities against society

Supremacy of law, sustainable environment, human rights and freedoms are important issues for organization. We act in a way that is sensitive to social issues and we try to take part in services that are in the public interest.


The staff shall not act against their authority and responsibilities. He has to behave in compliance with general moral codes and law. Clearly taking gifts and interests linked to a bribe, taking bribes / giving or offering bribes mean the abuse of duty.

8-Protection of confidential information

The development of information, effective and efficient use of information, its sharing and accessibility are the common responsibilities of all our employees. This is necessary so that all staff can benefit from the highest level of knowledge.

9-Providing fair working environment

We will make every effort to provide a fair and sustainable working environment for our employees. A harmonious, healthy and reliable working environment is the foundation of success. In this context, our company fulfills all legal obligations for its employees. It acts fairly in matters such as social rights, compensation, and promotion. It ensures that individuals who have different languages, beliefs, races, opinions and views work together in harmony. It respects the personal life of all its personnel. Violation of any right of personnel is against ethical rules.

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